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ignore this

my views on roleplaying dont count for anything anyhow sob

I dont know about everyone else, but when I RP I like to A) know my character inside out and B) try and connect with my character as much as possible. I’ve seen people say ‘oh, its just rping, stop acting loserish’ but having the ability to empathise with a character and wanting people reading about said character to feel for them is what all good authors aim for; its human, not loserish. I like to be deep and dark and get right down to the nitty-gritty parts that others may not reach because feeling something when rping is what makes rping fun. I like to BE my character. Be annoyed when they are annoyed. Be sad when they are. It is legit-ly the best part of rping, because if you are sad, you know the people you are rping with will feel something too- and its what makes ‘ok’ rpers ‘good’.

If I wanted to merely write about a character and not be deep with them, then I would just go write fanfiction. :U Rping isn’t supposed to be like writing fanfiction but for half the people thats what its like. And thats what I find boring…

And if I am going to spend an hour on the computer pretending to be an animu character then I am going to research my ass off and attempt to be as human (or, non-human in some cases) as I can be, because I am not going to waste my time when I could be doing other things. But maybe this is because I like writing or something. :U

I dunno, sometimes I feel like only a small minority of rpers ever want to do some deep, dark, complex rping that involves thought and a story and not just aimlessly chattering away ic… sob 

I love complex rps and fighting but half of the people I rp with either hate replying to walls or cannot wall :’) And I pretty much always wall because I want to make my characters REALISTIC; and I find that hard to do in two or three sentences. That, and I have preset storylines so I always have a plot in mind…

wooo look at me rambling

I am going to sit here and eat more yoghurt now whilst I ponder about my various head canons. **cries**

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